Piano Star Theory

Piano Star Theory

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ISBN 978-1-78601-227-2
ISBN-10 1-78601-227-8
(EAN-13 9781786012272)
Weight 204 grams
Published 11th July 2019
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Cat No. ABW-177
Supplier Code 9781786012272
Price £6.95
ComposersDavid Blackwell
Kathy Blackwell
CategoriesPiano Activity Book
Piano Studies
PublisherABRSM Publishing Ltd
Difficulty levelBeginner

Piano Star Theory is an activity book for young players in the early stages of learning the piano. Packed full of engaging exercises and games, it can be used alongside any beginner piano tutor to help develop a student’s understanding of musical notation. The imaginative activities link to practical music-making, building aural awareness and boosting the confidence of young musicians

Key features: • Written and practical theory activities, covering the note values, rests, pitches, time signatures and other symbols most commonly found in beginner piano tutors • Short, specially written pieces which can be sung, clapped or played • Quizzes, puzzles and a Piano Star Theory board game • Colourful illustrations and fun stickers • The perfect companion to the Piano Star beginner repertoire books.


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