The Saxophone

The Saxophone

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Published 15th March 2017
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AuthorJohn Harle
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This is the most in-depth approach to playing the saxophone ever published. In this two-volume boxed set, master saxophonist John Harle reveals his ground-breaking techniques for fluent and natural playing – transforming the musical and learning experience of students and professionals alike.

Practical, clear and universally relevant, The Saxophone discloses John Harle’s secrets to playing with individuality, fluent technique and a powerful musical presence by:

- introducing revolutionary new concepts such as the Reed Fan, the Power Lines and the Cathedral of Resonance

- exploring every aspect of playing and performing, from breathing, resonant tone production and fluent articulation through to techniques for building ease and flow in performance

- featuring unique anatomical diagrams, stunning visualisations and colour-coded musical examples throughout

- offering expert advice on all aspects of performance: dealing with fear, nerves and adrenalin, developing a strong psychological approach and setting goalposts for success

- including practice wheels that help develop a structured and relaxed practice routine.


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