Ultimate Ear Training for Guitar and Bass (TAB) Book & CD

Ultimate Ear Training for Guitar and Bass (TAB) Book & CD

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Includes CD
ISBN 978-0-7935-8156-6
ISBN-10 0-7935-8156-7
(EAN-13 9780793581566)
UPC 7-39999-51820-2
(EAN-13 0739999518202)
Weight 265 grams
Published 2nd March 1999
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Cat No. HE00695182
Supplier Code HLE00695182
Price £12.99
AuthorGary Willis
CategoryAural Training
PublisherHal Leonard (Music Sales)

The complete method for the practising musician. The accompanying CD includes 99 full-demo tracks. The book covers intervals, rhythms, melodic shapes, inversions, scales, chord extensions, alterations, fretboard visualization and fingering diagrams.

64 printed pages.
Guitar: Reference & Tutor Books.
Guitar Tab, with chord symbols.


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