Nancy Zeltsman: Four-Mallet Marimba Playing

Nancy Zeltsman: Four-Mallet Marimba Playing

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Published 14th January 2004
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ComposerNancy Zeltsman
Percussion Tutor
Percussion Orchestral Excerpts
PublisherHal Leonard (Music Sales)

This book contains a lot of music, from musical etudes designed for beginning and intermediate players to recital material appropriate for intermediate and advanced players. This book includes:

* Examples taken from contemporary solo and chamber works for Marimba with Nancy's commentary and performance tips.
* 50 studies that will develop essential four-mallet technique in a musical way.

* 18 sols that appropriate for recitals, auditions, or juries, including works by Beethoven, Handel, Debussy, Leonard Bernstein and Duke Ellington.

* Guidelines for mallet selection, four-mallet grip, strokes, tone production, rolls, stickings, phrasing, building a personal repertoire and other topics that are crucial for today's successful marimbist.

192 printed pages.
Drums & Percussion: Reference & Tutor Books. Marimba.


  • 18 Intermediate - To - Advanced Adapted Solos
  • 50 Short Four-Mallet Studies
  • Basics
  • Excerpts And Commentary
  • Refinements

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