Timpani/Percussion Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions (Probespiel) CD

Timpani/Percussion Test Pieces for Orchestral Auditions (Probespiel) CD

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Cat No. MP7855
Supplier Code MP7855
ComposerKarin Boerries
CategoriesPercussion Orchestral Excerpts
SeriesOrchester Probespiel (Schott Edition)

The Orchester Probespiel (Schott Edition) series

Joint publishing project between Schott Edition and Peters Edition.

Schott Edition publishes the books for Stringed instruments (This series).
Peters Edition Publishes the books for Woodwind and Brass -> See series "Orchester Probespiel (Peters Edition)".

Timpani/Percussion Excerpts from the Operatic and Concert Repertoire.

** CD Only**
Book must be purchased separately.


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