Violin & Harp

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AC20826 Aria

Category: Violin & Harp
Composer: Jean-Jacques Werner

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AL21397 Entr'Acte for Flute (or Violin) and Harp (or Piano)

Categories: Violin & Piano, Flute & Harp, Flute & Piano, Violin & Harp
Composer: Jacques Ibert
Arranger: J. Ibert-Gillet

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DF6910 Fantaisie, Op.124

Category: Violin & Harp
Composer: Camille Saint-Saëns

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ED20806 Lalai, A lullaby to awaken you?

Category: Violin & Harp
Composer: Barbara Heller

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MAG215 Nocturne No. 3 for Violin & Harp (Piano)

Category: Violin & Harp
Composers: Robert Nicholas Charles Bochsa, Rudolphe Kreutzer
Editor: Anna Pasetti

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HE32765 Thème et Variations

Categories: Violin & Piano, Violin & Harp, Clarinet & Piano, Clarinet & Harp
Composer: Charles Bochsa (snr.)

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ZM34010 Violin Sonata (Sonate) in D minor

Categories: Violin & Harp, Violin & Piano
Composer: Antonio Rosetti


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