ABC of Aural Awareness Book 3 (Grade 5)

ABC of Aural Awareness Book 3 (Grade 5)

ISBN 978-0-85162-087-9
ISBN-10 0-85162-087-6
(EAN-13 9780851620879)
ISMN 979-0-060-09444-6
(EAN-13 9790060094446)
Weight 158 grams
Availability In Print

Cat No. BH09444
Supplier Code M060094446
Price £9.99
ComposersMaria Chen
Roy Wilkinson
CategoryAural Training
PublisherBoosey and Hawkes
SeriesABC of Aural Awareness
Difficulty level5

Aural Exams... Worried? You needn't be! It's as easy as ABC!

This fantastic book covers everything you need to succeed in Aural Examinations - particularly Associated Board.


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