A Child's Guide to Note Reading for Treble Clef Instuments

A Child's Guide to Note Reading for Treble Clef Instuments

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ISBN 978-0-7866-7228-8
ISBN-10 0-7866-7228-5
(EAN-13 9780786672288)
Weight 300 grams
Published 1st March 2007
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Cat No. MB20750
Supplier Code 20750
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ComposerKatharina Apostolidis
Primary School Theory
PublisherMel Bay Music Ltd

A colouring and activity book to help children learn the names of treble clef notes with fun and lively pictures.

Included are small learning steps and various creative works, puzzles and games. The book begins with the notes of the C major scale. It is possible to start at any other page also with sharps and flats.

Every note is connected to an animal or a symbol which starts with the same letter (i.e. G for giraffe). The volume is suitable for instrumental classes in single lessons as well as in groups.

A well devised and at the same time very versatile method for children.

104 printed pages.


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