A Scale is an Alphabet! Books 1 & 2 (Major & Minor Scales)

A Scale is an Alphabet! Books 1 & 2 (Major & Minor Scales)

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A Scale is an Alphabet!…A Scale is an Alphabet!…
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Published 4th November 2004
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Cat No. MILNE01
Price £4.50
AuthorSheila Cochrane
PublisherMilnefield Press
SeriesA Scale is an Alphabet

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Many instrumentalists find it difficult to learn scales; they cannot visualise them (in black and white) the way a pianist can. This little book will help you to form a picture of how the minor scales (harmonic and melodic) are made up (tones, semitones, sharps and flats).

Book 1 (can be purchased separately ref: MILNE0X) - 24 Colour Pages (A5 - pocketsize)
Book 2 (can be purchased separately ref: MILNE18) - 36 Colour Pages (A5 - pocketsize)


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