Canticles of Light - Vocal score

Canticles of Light - Vocal score

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ISBN 978-0-19-343288-8
ISBN-10 0-19-343288-9
(EAN-13 9780193432888)
Weight 150 grams
Published 7th September 2000
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Cat No. OUP343288
Price £9.75
ComposerBob Chilcott
CategoryVocal Selections
PublisherOUP - Oxford University Press

Children's choir, mixed choir, orchestra/tubular bells & organ. Instrumentation: 2 fl, ob, 2 cl, bn, tubular bell. For children's choir, mixed choir and orchestra or tubular bells and organ A dark and beautiful, yet also extremely approachable, work in three movements. The first two are darker in character; evening hymns that ask For protection and comfort through the night. The music lightens For the final hymn, a song For the morning that looks forward to a new beginning.. Duration: 15 minutes.


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