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EP67020 A Song to David

Category: Narrator
Composer: William Albright


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SP120 A Tale of Five Winds

Categories: Narrator, Wind Quintet
Composer: Mark Goddard
Author: Stephen Pegg
Difficulty level: 6 - 8

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JJ08361-5 Chansons de Bilitis (5 x score)

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Category: Narrator
Composer: Claude Debussy
Text: Pierre Louÿs

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JJ08361 Chansons de Bilitis (Full Score)

Category: Narrator
Composer: Claude Debussy
Text: Pierre Louÿs

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EP9361 Die betrunkene Sonne (A Melodrama for Children)

Category: Narrator
Composer: Tilo Medek

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ZM34920 Die geheimnisvolle Schachtel (The Secret Box) for Violin, Narrator & Piano

Categories: Narrator, Violin & Piano
Composer: Kim Märkl

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EP66789 Earthrise No.1 Still Are New Worlds

Category: Narrator
Composer: Ross Lee Finney

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MV00000931 Ferdinand the Bull for Speaker and Solo Violin (ARCHIVE copy)

Categories: Narrator, Violin Solo
Composer: Alan Ridout
Words: Munro Leaf
Difficulty level: Advanced

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E492 Hansel & Gretel - Narrator & Wind Quintet (Score & Parts)

Categories: Wind Quintet, Narrator
Composer: Engelbert Humperdinck
Arranger: Helen Mills
Difficulty level: 6 - 7


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RCM1CD Just One World Double CD (live recording June, 2014)

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Categories: Voice & Other Instruments, Unison Songs, Narrator, Choral (upper Voices), Solo Songs, Choral (mixed Voices), Ssa Female Voices, Voice & Orchestra, Musical Theatre, CD
Composer: Peter Rose
Lyricist: Anne Conlon

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EP8842 Kagel: Interview avec D. (Score) HIRE ONLY

Categories: Narrator, Miscellaneous
Composer: Mauricio Kagel

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DOB2501 Magnalia Dei

Categories: Narrator, Organ Solo
Composer: Cesar Bresgen


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